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03 August 2006 ¬
" Dazed and Confused.. Shockey Day-to-Day.. A New Giants Cheering Section: the Boo Birds? "
Jeremy's still seeing stars after taking an elbow to the face during Monday's practice by ex-Raven and potential double-agent Will Demps, sending Shockey to the turf head-first. The good news? It's the first concussion of Jeremy's career. The bad news? He's still sensitive to light, his motor skills are shaky, and he suffers from insomnia. "Don't get too close, I might get sick," Shockey told reporters on Wednesday. Yeah, me too.

On the bright side, this opens the door for Visanthe Shiancoe and ex-Saint/third string backup Boo Williams to make a bigger impact at camp. Honestly, I didn't even know Boo Williams was still playing in the NFL after being run out of New Orleans until I saw him at camp. Who knew? And how can you root against a guy named Boo? He's probably spent his entire career not knowing whether people loved him or thought he was a bum. Okay, so he hasn't caught a touchdown pass since 2004, a year in which he fumbled the ball (twice) as often as he saw the end zone. But those are just numbers.


Anonymous David Gaines said...

Boo Williams simply needs someone to show him the way. He got a lot of attention back in the day, but none of it went towards discipline. That's Coughlin's middle name. Sinec Boo doesn't have to be the man, maybe he'll be able to develop properly and be a sneaky little option for Eli Manning.

As far as Shockey, it's all karma. He decided to practice in Miami and then said some remarks that could be misconstrued as talking bad on the coach. Well, karma came back and put him on his knees by way of Demps.

What does that mean for die-hard Redskins fans like me? Don't throw to Demps' side of the field!

8:40 AM  
Blogger z said...

Yeah, Demps is a big addition to an already solid D. As for Boo, it remains to be seen, although technically I think he's actually a fourth-string behind Sean Berton.

8:46 AM  
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