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11 August 2006 ¬
" Preseason Recap: Giants Win, 17-16.. Six Ravens Out with Broken Ankles, Courtesy of Michael Jennings "
The Giants kicked off competitive football in Baltimore with a 17-16 win - the first stringers looked alright overall, despite struggling during the first two drives of the game. Eli finally hooked up with Plax on a deep ball in the first quarter, and the drive was capped off by a 1-yard Jacobs TD. Brandon was average, but in all fairness, the Ravens D started the game pretty filthy - just ask Wade Fletcher, who briefly caught a short pass from Eli and turned around only to be greeted by a freight train named Ed Reed. Needless to say.. he dropped the ball. Jay Feely missed a 43-yard field goal early, which is troubling; we'll find out soon enough if it was just a fluke. I had bad Seattle flashbacks. He atoned for the earlier miss with a game winning 29-yard attempt, for whatever it's worth.

The play of the night came on a Michael Jennings punt return in which he side-stepped, juked and spun around about six different Baltimore special teamers (now if only we could do something about his team photo.) Along with speedy Willie Ponder and veteran Chad Morton, the G-Men won't go for want of special teams performers this year. First round draft pick Mathias Kiwanuka also looked sharp and picked up two sacks.. he won't see much time during the season unless Osi or Stray go down, but at least Coughlin will be able to confidently sub him in to give either of those two a rest. Hasselbeck played the majority of the game after Eli went out, which surprised me a little (although Lorenzen did lead the game-winning drive in the 4th quarter.) No action for Rob Johnson.

And best of all? No serious injuries. One down, three to go.


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