the new york football giants
18 October 2006 ¬
" State of the Division: THE NFC East Heading Into Week Seven "
It's a three horse race right now. Philly's lose to the Saints really evens things out - and was anyone else unbelievably impressed with that game-winning New Orleans drive that ate up more than eight minutes of clock? So much for the Eagles defense. Okay, so they're starting Joselio Hanson at corner. But that's part of what makes it so funny.. especially if you're a Giants fan. Remember how Eli abused Hanson during The Comeback?

Big Blue will be under Monday Night Lights this week against Dallas for the first of two this season; they square off against Jacksonville on Monday night in a few weeks. TO never ceases to amaze. The story this week is that he wants to be "involved sooner" in the offense, two days after catching three TDs against the Texans. I know the media is at least partly to blame for making every off-color remark headline news, but still. Parcells is gritting his teeth so hard my jaw hurts.

Washington inexplicably ate it against the Titans, and they're in a pretty big hole at 2-4 (0-2 in the division.) I guess I just totally misread this football team. Before the season started, the Moss-Randle El-Lloyd trio looked like one of the best in the game, but in retrospect, that's just not enough variety at the position. It puts a lot of pressure on Chris Cooley to pick up the tough yards. The injury to Portis didn't really help matters either.


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