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12 September 2006 ¬
" State of the Division: The NFC East Heading Into Week Two "
Welcome to Bizzaro World.

The Giants, Skins, and Cowboys are all 0-1 - and the only NFC East team to pick up a win in the first week was the previously 6-10 Philadelpha Eagles (granted, they beat the Texans, but I'm told that it still technically counts as a win. I'm having my people look into it.) While the Giants' loss to the Colts was foreseeable, the Skins and Cowboys were handed surprising losses at the hands of the Jaguars and Vikings, with the Minnesota road victory being particularly inexplicable (can you name anyone on the Vikings aside from Brad Johnson?) I'm a little surprised that both of those two offensive juggarnauts could stumble so mightily during week one.. Washington certainly wasn't helped by the preseason injury to Clinton Portis, who saw limited action on Monday night, and perhaps that contributed to the unimpressive debut of the Moss-Randle El tandem. On the Dallas side of things, the loss falls entirely on the old and immobile shoulder of Drew Bledsoe, who threw three picks and already looks like the washed-up caricature we all jokingly make him out to be.

The Giants head to Philadelphia next weekend in a game that should set the pace for the division. The Eagles technically have a wide receiving corps now that they nabbed Donte Stallworth from the Saints, making Brian Westbrook that much more dangerous in short yardage situations. The secondary is going to need a much more disciplined approach to this game than they did against the Colts, although the fear of the Peyton bomb is what had them ceding underneath routes all night. The Eagles have always been soft against the run, and Tom Coughlin will probably pound away with Tiki and Brandon as needed. Tiki usually has a field day against Philadelphia, including a monstrous 200 yard outing the last time the two teams met up. Sunday will be more of the same.

Dallas and Washington will also square off, and I really have no idea what to expect out of that one. Give it to the Cowboys in their home opener, but I don't know if this will be the shootout I was expecting.


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