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14 August 2006 ¬
" NFC East Update.. Portis Out Indefinitely.. Joe Gibbs is a Fool "
If this were Tiki Barber, I would be furious.

Clinton Portis separated his shoulder during an extremely important 19-3 preseason loss against the Bengals last night, and is out indefinitely. I'm not really sure where to begin. Part of me should enjoy this, because a significant injury to Portis almost insures the Redskins won't win the division - I had them finishing at 12-4 and at the top of the NFC East. But it still leaves me with an uneasy feeling in my stomach. Thank the Good Lord that Tom Coughlin had more sense than to play Tiki during the first preseason match against the Ravens, and hopefully this incident scares him enough to keep Tiki out of action entirely until the opener against the Colts (on a side note, I think this probably makes Tiki the consensus #4 Fantasy Pick this year. )

I had just finished a rant about the idiocy of playing starters for any amount of time in preseason games.. maybe I jinxed Portis by invoking the spirit (you can have a spirit if you're not dead yet, right?) of Correll Buckhalter. In either case, throw my predictions about the 'Skins out the window, pending further updates on Clinton's condition. I just don't think Ladell Betts is going to get it down.


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