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01 September 2006 ¬
" Primed to Start Strong.. Giants Topple Pats, 31-23 "
The New York Football Giants are now 4-0 in the preseason for the first time since their Super Bowl run sixteen years ago.

Big Blue took down New England yesterday, 31-23. Brandon Jacobs truly sparkled, rushing for 130 yards and two touchdowns, including an impressive 57-yarder and yet another goal line score. The running game is looking very strong this year, my friends. Very strong indeed.

Stray gave us a little bit of a scare after getting kicked in the groin in the 1st quarter and limping off the field, but it doesn't look like anything serious (although this is a bit of an understatement to anyone who's ever been kicked in the groin before.) Kiwanuka picked up another sack in the affair and threw in three tackles, and continues to impress at the loaded DE position.

The Giants wrap up the postseason on a very strong note, and they are in a good position to defend the NFC East this year - provided they can tip-toe through the three game minefield that starts off the season. I still think one 12-4 team and one 11-5 team are going to come out of this division, and both will obviously go to the playoffs. If the Giants end up losing 5 and taking the Wild Card (the likely scenario, as I see it,) I won't mind ceding the division title. Just as long as we see a little more in the postseason this time around.


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