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17 August 2006 ¬
" Preseason Recap: Giants blank Chiefs, 17-0.. Positive Trends Continue "
The Giants shut out Kansas City in the second of four preseason games on Thursday night, 17-0. The first string offense worked efficiently, with Eli leading two scoring drives in the first half. Tiki saw his first action of the preseason and looked good; more importantly, Brandon Jacobs also looked sharp, picking up his second goal line TD in as many games and accumulating 40 yards on just 9 attempts.

Michael Jennings had another solid outing, and he is clearly making a case to become the #3 wideout behind Plax and Amani. If the Giants finish at 11-5, as I believe they will, Jennings may very well play a part in the success of the offense/special teams. Kiwanuka picked up his third sack of the preseason and a forced fumble in the second half, and he is quietly forcing those who didn't understand The G-Men picking up a DE with their first pick to reconsider their position.

Rob Johnson played the third quarter, as advertised, but in a rather surprising move Jared Lorenzen played the entire 4th. It's looking more and more like he will be Eli's primary backup during the regular season, as Coughlin and Company have obviously liked what they've seen from Sta-Puff so far. He's probably the only quarterback in the league who could seamlessly camouflage himself amongst his own Offensive Line.

Center Shaun O'Hara left the game with a sprained knee but didn't appear to be in too much pain; an MRI will be performed Monday. For his part, O'Hara wasn't particularly concerned - "I'll be back working at Albany," he said, a reference to Giants training camp in upstate New York.

All in all, things are looking up.


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