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07 September 2006 ¬
" Move Over, 1860.. This is the Brothers' War "
Step right up, folks - this may be the only time you'll ever see Manning vs. Manning in the regular season.

With the Giants and Colts not scheduled to play each other again until 2010, and certainly without any guarantee that Peyton will still be in the NFL four years from now (he would be 35 at that point,) this may be the only chance to watch Peyton and Eli go head-to-head - unless, of course, both squads go to the Super Bowl (not a wholly unimaginable scenario.)

Of course, the greatest brother v. brother matchup in the world of professional sports went down in 1997, when during an NHL game between the Sabres and the Whalers, Keith Primeau (of Hartford) and Wayne Primeau (of Buffalo) dropped the gloves and started pummeling each other - with their mother watching on in horror! (They later had to apologize to her and promise that it would never happen again.)

Nothing so dramatic here - they'll never even be on the field at the same time - but the Freeney-Eli and Strahan-Peyton matchups mean that this contest between the Manning brothers may be decided at the DE position. Prediction - the cameras will cut to a shot of a concerned Archie Manning at least five times in each quarter.

Are you ready for some football?


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