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21 September 2006 ¬
" State of the Division: The NFC East Heading Into Week Three "
This entire division is a mess.

The Redskins, formidble in the preseason, now look inept at 0-2. The Cowboys, at 1-1, are vulnerable, and will be playing their next game in Philadelphia in what will arguably be one of the most hostile road environments the franchise has encountered in a long, long time. The Eagles pulled an all-time choke job against New York, and depending on how they play next week against the 49ers, their season could be totally derailed before it even has a chance to hit full stride. In the midst of this collective train wreck, we have the New York Giants, who are feeling pretty goddamn good about themselves following their miracle last sunday and a narrow loss in Week One against one of the best teams in the NFL.

Clearly, New York is the only team right now with momentum on their side. The Cowboys, despite coming off their first win of the season, face the uncertainty surrounding TO's hand injury, as well as the disconcerting play of Drew Bledsoe. Although he rebounded from his woeful performance in Week One, he still completed just 50% of his passes against a mediocre Washington defense.

It all looks up in the air this point -- which is pretty much how it looked before the season even started.


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