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19 October 2006 ¬
" Life Without Tiki? "
Tiki Barber confirmed this week that he is considering retiring after the end of this season. This doesn't strike me as a huge surprise, although it would be about a year sooner than I would have anticipated. At 31 years old, he's already on borrowed time as far as starting running backs go, and he's got too much pride to play a backup season before fading into forced retirement a la Marshal Faulk or Eddie George. The announcement probably caught a few folks off guard - I mean, he is less than a year removed from racking up the second-most yards from scrimmage all time in a single season (almost 2400.)

Giants fans should be saddened, but not worried. Brandon Jacobs is the real deal. He has the speed to get to the outside and he has the raw power to lower his shoulder and go up the middle (although he isn't nearly as big a threat as a pass-catching back.) Still.. things just won't be the same without Barber in the backfield. The NFL won't be the same without him.

If the Giants win the Super Bowl, I think he'll be out for sure. If they get tantalizingly close and fall short.. well, maybe he'll think about giving us one more season.


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