the new york football giants
23 October 2006 ¬
" Staying Perfect in the East.. Giants over Dallas 36-22 "
Mr. Nickles went to Hollywood, dropped Bledsoe for a Safety, deflected a would-be touchdown pass, then ruptured his Achilles tendon. Done for the year. Disappointing, but up until this game, you would have been hard pressed to notice that he even played for this football team. Torbor steps in and picks up a sack of his own -- circle of life.

Across the board, the Giants continued their ridiculous defensive turnaround. Six sacks, four picks, a safety, a touchdown.. Strahan tied LT on New York's all-time sack list. His first thoughts when ESPN showed him the stat graphic? "He looks a lot meaner in that picture than I do."

I've been RW McQuarters' personal cheerleader the past few weeks, but he made both of us look pretty foolish tonight. On one play, he gives TO enough room to make the catch, get in the end zone, stretch his legs, think about what he's having for dinner after the game.. etc. On another, a personal foul late hit, also on #81 (which is mildly satisfying, but still.) Earlier in the year, RW had a red zone brain-freeze against Seattle that resulted in an easy touchdown.. and Sam Madison, who's head I've been calling for, has a pick for the second straight week. Alright, I'll shut up. For now.

Coming up next.. the Barber Bowl. Honestly, I think the two of them could swap positions without missing a beat. Ronde went pick-six twice against the Eagles this week. I'd love to pry him away from Tampa Bay when his contract is up. No one in the history of the NFL would be embraced faster than Ronde Barber in a Giants uniform -- Tiki retires and we replace him with a genetic clone? Dynamite stuff, even if it is on the wrong side of the ball.


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