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08 November 2006 ¬
" Jints Topple Texans 14-10, Injuries Starting to Mount.. "
The Giants beat Houston 14-10 on Sunday, and a catastrophic loss at home to the Texans was avoided courtesy of a late game-winning Eli-to-Shockey touchdown. 4th Quarter Eli strikes again.. business as usual.

Unfortunately, devastating injuries are also business as usual for this football team, and this week was no exception. Michael Strahan may miss up to a month with a Lis Franc sprain.. with Umenyiora and Tuck still hurting, that leaves Kiwanuka as the team's #1 DE. I've got all the faith in the world in our young #1 draft pick, but the sooner Stray and Osi get back on the field, the better. Adrian Awasom was signed off the practice squad to help out at the position, and there's talk of moving Fred Robbins to the end.. but I'd rather see Freddy stay put. There's nothing like doing serious damage at the tackle position to take a little pressure off a few inexperienced ends.

And on a more serious note.. Amani Toomer is done for the year. Finished. Tore his anterior cruciate ligament against the Texans. (Medical school side note: one of the four major knee ligaments, along with the PCL, MCL and the LCL. Ah, to be learning material with practical applications.) It's a real shame considering how integrated he's been in the offense this year (tied for the team lead with 32 receptions,) and I'm not sure who's going to replace him. The most likely scenario is that Shockey becomes even more involved in the passing game (no complaints there) and Tim Carter steps in as the #2.

Here's the silver lining: if, at the beginning of the season, I told you that LaVar Arrington and Amani Toomer would both suffer season-ending injuries, and that Strahan and Umenyiora would both miss multiple games with various sprains of their own, it'd be pretty hard to peg New York as a 6-2 team going into Week 10. Yet that's where we stand. First place in the NFC East and undefeated in the division. So, yeah. Silver lining.


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