the new york football giants
16 September 2007 ¬
" 0-2 and 80 "
That's New York's record after this week, and the number of points they've given up in the opening two games of the season. I don't know how many times one guy has to be the goat in the secondary before you cut him, or at the very least, bury him in the depth chart, but Sam Madison is testing the limits of that question. He got beat on one touchdown pass, and then perplexingly pushed off on a guy that was already falling down in the end zone to give Green Bay 1st and Goal on the 1 later in the game.

The linebackers have been decent against the run but awful dropping back into coverage. Brett Favre essentially threw every one of his passes underneath, and no one on the Giants D looked interested in jumping short slant or curl routes, regardless of how telegraphed they were. The respectable play of the offense was completely offset by a comical interception, a brain-dead delay of game call, and a 15 yard taunting penalty (although I learned today that apparently, you can taunt the other team after getting totally shut down on a passing route. I kind of assumed that you taunt someone when you make them look like a jackass.) And oh yeah, Ahmad Bradshaw fumbled a kick return for the second consecutive game.

I feel slightly better that the Saints are also 0-2.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Defense is a mess. I think it was a big mistake to experiment with Kiwanka at LB. It is easier, way easier to move a player in, then move him out.

We went from a top D-Lineman prospect that was aggressive and fast for the position to a tenative, second guessing, slow motion Linebacker. I would take the prior over the later.

If the team shows no improvement, I would like to see the front office take the action it had post poned last winter.


10:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, you're right about how much harder it is to drop a guy who played his whole career on the line back into coverage. i still think he'll make a great linebacker when he really makes the transition, but it doesn't help that no one else on the D is there to pick him up.

1:22 PM  
Blogger 57 said...

You know you're football and that is refreshing. The Giants backers are not only not dropping quick enough, but not even close to deep enough... they are not an athletic bunch, that is for sure. That is the problem with putting a D-Lineman and backer... he lacks those instincts that a backer needs and you can't have someone 'LEARN' the LB position during the season.

I want to kick Coughlin in the face whenever the camera is on him. That cry-baby, confused look is frozen on his face...even when something good happens.

Looks like it will be the Cowboys and Pats in the Bowl.

5:09 AM  

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