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01 January 2007 ¬
" For Auld Lang Syne, My Dear "
The New York Football Giants are going to the postseason.. by a hair. By the skin of their teeth. By thiiiiiiiiiis much (visualize index finger and thumb nestled closely together.) Last year, no NFL team made the playoffs with a record worse than 10-6; this year, 8-8 is good enough.

In 2006, the Giants were wildly inconsistent. A 6-2 start, and a 2-6 finish. And the symmetry extends beyond the numbers; really, the full Ying and Yang of on-the-field performances and off-the-field distractions, epitomized by their miracle 4th quarter comeback against the Eagles in Week 2 and their subsequently catastrophic 4th quarter collapse against the Titans in Week 12. To paraphrase from Longfellow -- "when they were good, they were very good indeed. But when they were bad.. they were horrid."

But 2006 is over, and there's an opportunity for this football team to prove that the preseason hype wasn't just a bunch of hot air. An opportunity to make some real New Year's resolutions -- isn't that what January 1st is all about? Maybe things will be different in 2007.. maybe the front four can stuff Brian Westbrook and put some real pressure on Jeff Garcia. Maybe Eli Manning can have an outing where he doesn't put a pass at Jim Finn's feet, or throw a lame duck into triple coverage. Maybe Tiki Barber can put this team on his back the way he did this past Sunday against Washington, and keep his career going for at least one more week. Maybe in 2007, we'll even dare to dream of a "Subway Series" Super Bowl..

Or maybe, like most New Year's resolutions, this one won't quite make it to the weekend.


Blogger Tom said...

Nice post. I think the G-men face an early exit against the Eagles, especially the way the team has played over the majority of the season's second half. Few teams can blow 20+ point leads and lose 6 of 8 and STILL make the playoffs. They're in, but I predict they leave just as quickly.

4:19 PM  
Blogger z said...

everyone and their mother is picking the eagles right now, but i can't help but feel that there's a lot more talent on this giants roster compared to the eagles. i know we've heard a lot about that this year (about the level of "talent" on this team in general) and they've proven that either a) no there isn't, or b) that doesn't mean a lot when you don't execute.. but if they can pull it together, i don't think a win is impossible. the oddsmakers have philly -7.

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Middle Relief said...

I have mixed emotions about this year's post season.

on the one hand, if the Eagles do well, and say make it to the Super Bowl - good for them, it'll ruin their franchise for the next several years as they'll be wondering if they even need Don McNabb anymore.

On the other - I hate Tom Coughlin and want him out the sooner the better, and if the G-Men keep winning that's one more week I have to wait to see him go...

... Mixed emotions indeed.

6:10 PM  
Blogger Middle Relief said...

1 hour to go. Breaking out the Shockey jersey for this one.

I think we'll know by the 1st two series - do we use the run to set up the pass and protect Eli? Or do we put ourselves in bad situations?

Man I hate the Eagles!!!!

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

End of first half - undisciplined nature is costing the G-Men again. On the last scoring drive of the Eagles, they could have gotten that personal foul penalty .... BUT, because of the uncontrollable nature of the team and because they had to retaliate, it was offsetting.

Discipline is a by product of effective coaching and the Giants don't have any - Fire Tom Coughlin at the half!!!

3:28 PM  

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