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02 December 2006 ¬
" Bench the Comeback Kid? "
Just throwing this out there: maybe it's time for Tom Coughlin to bench Eli Manning.

Now, don't get me wrong - Elijah is the future of this organization. He's got the physical ability, the pedigree, and enough talent around him to be a Top 5 quarterback in the NFL. But lately, his cool demeanor, which has previously worked in his favor as a sort of calm-under-fire, has started progressing towards apathy. I've seen him throw more lazy, errant passes in the past month than I have during the previous two seasons combined.. I don't know if he and Plax are feeding off each other, but somebody needs to put a stop to it.

The controversy surrounding the Giants locker room the past week could be the potential spark to wake up Manning and shake him back into his previous form, but I think Coughlin should toy with the idea of starting Jared Lorenzen in Eli's place. Not as a permanent replacement, and not even with the intention of leaving Jared behind center for the entire contest, but to send Eli a message: nothing in this business is guaranteed.

While that may seem like a given, I've always been worried about Eli's sense of entitlement, dating back to the draft day orchestration that landed him in a Giants' uniform in the first place. The bottom line - if you want to act like you're too cool for school, you better start playing that way.


Blogger Middle Relief said...

Lorenz has a cannon for an arm - If the Eli we've seen the last 3 weeks is in the Meadowlands this week against the boys, then I think most people would be in favor of seeing what the other kid could do.

4:00 PM  
Blogger Middle Relief said...

Eli turned it around today - lets just fire Tom Coughlin and get this chapter over.

5:49 PM  
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