the new york football giants
23 November 2006 ¬
" For Your Consideration.. "
On this most excellent day of large, bountiful meals, a little reminder why the Giants should be feeding their opponents a steady diet of Tiki Barber and Brandon Jacobs:

- When Tiki has 19 or fewer rushing attempts in a game, the Giants are 1-4.
- When Tiki has 20 or greater rushing attempts in a game, the Giants are 5-0.

Certainly, some of this is a product of leaning heavily on the pass when trailing (or flat-out abandoning the run, as Coughlin and co. did against Jacksonville.) But it also shows how important it is not to give up on Tiki and Brandon, especially when the going gets tough. Barber, obviously frustrated, was critical of the pass-first playcalling in the second half of Monday night's game against the Jaguars. Rightly so.

It's time for seconds. Happy Thanksgiving!


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