the new york football giants
19 November 2006 ¬
" State of the Division: The NFC East Heading Into Week Twelve "
..excluding New York-Jacksonville, which will unfold tomorrow night.

The ebb and flow of the NFC East continues. Philly loses to the Titans at home, and to add injury to insult, #5 is done for the year - torn ACL. He can spend the rest of the season hanging out with Amani Toomer. The Eagles' season basically ended today.. they drop to .500 and they're now the proud owners of a Jeff Garcia-led offense. Winning the division is almost out of the question, and squeezing in as a wild-card team is going to be tough with so many other teams vying for one of those two spots. And then there were two.. Dallas stays in contention by ending Indy's perfect season. It's amazing how much better that team is with Tony Romo behind center. He's got legitimate wheels.

The Redskins.. well. They're a shell of whatever team they were in the first place. Seeya in 2008.


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