the new york football giants
28 December 2006 ¬
Experienced football coach to lead beleaguered NFL franchise out of a three-year stroll through Purgatory. Must be capable of replacing a former Jacksonville dictator and implementing the most antithetical gameplan imaginable. Interpersonal skills a must. Seeking individuals who are laid back, easy to approach, and capable of keeping penalty yardage under 250 per game - in particular, individuals who can convince offensive linemen not to headbutt the opposition. Must be capable of instilling in any starting quarterback the idea that if their QB rating is consistently hovering around the game-time temperature, they may not be guaranteed a start the following week. Applicants should have a working knowledge of what a "game plan" is, and be willing to stick to it. Particularly interested in any recently unemployed individuals with prior experiences in New York, say, leading a team to the Super Bowl in the '00-'01 season. Contact Ernie Accorsi ASAP!


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