the new york football giants
25 September 2007 ¬
" Week to Week "
What a difference a half makes.

I had been all set to post the "Sam Madison Goat-Watch" on an 0-3 Monday morning, chronicling each first half gaff (1st quarter, illegal contact, 2nd quarter, beat by Moss on a deep route, etc.) Then, without warning, a different team took the field to start the 3rd quarter, and I had to flush my idea down the drain. Madison and Mathias Kiwanuka, two of my four "Guys That May Keep Us Out" from last week, played the best half of football either of them have ever played in a Giants uniform. Kiwanuka had two sacks and a forced fumble, and Madison jumped the snap count flawlessly on a punishing corner blitz. And then, just like that, the entire D as a whole rose up on a 4th quarter goal line stand.

I dunno what possessed them, but they better stay possessed facing a Philly team that put up about 277 points against Detroit last week. And speaking of the Eagles, maybe it's time to start cycling the D-line to give Mathias more snaps at the position he was clearly ordained by God to play.


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