the new york football giants
30 September 2007 ¬
" Sackreligious "
Kiwanuka, Umenyiora, Strahan. This is what it was supposed to be - well, maybe the expectations weren't this lofty, but how about five or six sacks and decent pressure over four quarters? All that came in spades against Philadelphia. Six sacks for #72 - somebody send a condolence card to Winston Justice's family.

On a more worrisome note, Tynes' performance looked like shades of Feely in Seattle back in 2005. The missed extra point turns out not to be significant, but at the time, it kept NY from taking a door-slamming three score lead. I've seen enough of Tynes already this year - bring on Josh Huston. Seriously. Kickers are completely mental creatures.. once it's in their head, it's over. Just ask Mike Vanderjagt.

Back to .500, and even better, the Giants have a winning record in the division. And it's always just a little more satisfying to reach those marks against the Eagles.


Anonymous Mid said...

2 wins in the division is always good.

I agree on the kickers

I'm not sold on Dallas - are you? I'm looking for a 2nd half collapse led by the traditional T.O.

6:49 AM  
Blogger z said...

i'm actually very sold on dallas. they can run, they can pass.. the d is average, but when the offense is that good, the d doesn't need to be great.

9:19 AM  

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