the new york football giants
28 October 2007 ¬
" High Five "
1 - 6-2 last year. 6-2 this year. New York has never gone 6-2 and not made the playoffs.
2 - Tipped passes. I've seen a lot of 'em. Eli throws low over the line of scrum.. I mean, scrimmage. Maybe that's an artifact of the O-line effectively keeping the D away from Eli, but I haven't noticed any similar trend with Peyton or Brady (then again, I don't watch those games nearly as often.)
3 - Speaking of the O-line.. I'm less inclined to think Tiki deserves to be bound for Canton. I was on the fence anyway. Although one more average year, and it would have been a done deal, no matter who was playing in front of him.
4 - 3 late hits for 58 in two weeks. That's -45 yards of Total Offense. It would be more excusable if he had 45 yards worth of sacks in that same time period (when in fact, he has.. 0.)
5 - Feely. Tynes. I've had a headache the last three years. I make myself cringe when I start to think what a Good Idea it would be to Janikowski the 2007 Draft. (I don't think Oakland regrets it?)


Blogger Middle Relief said...

6 - 2 again. Looking out over the last 8 games, I'll be happy with 4-4 as long as 2 of those 4 comes against the Cowboys and Redskins.

You bring up an interesting point - Eli does get a lot of balls batted at the line - I've heard Aikman mention that every time he calls one of our games - will Eli ever make an adjustment?

I may regret saying this - but I do think Eli has progressed this season over last - what do you think?

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