the new york football giants
28 October 2007 ¬
" High Five "
1 - 6-2 last year. 6-2 this year. New York has never gone 6-2 and not made the playoffs.
2 - Tipped passes. I've seen a lot of 'em. Eli throws low over the line of scrum.. I mean, scrimmage. Maybe that's an artifact of the O-line effectively keeping the D away from Eli, but I haven't noticed any similar trend with Peyton or Brady (then again, I don't watch those games nearly as often.)
3 - Speaking of the O-line.. I'm less inclined to think Tiki deserves to be bound for Canton. I was on the fence anyway. Although one more average year, and it would have been a done deal, no matter who was playing in front of him.
4 - 3 late hits for 58 in two weeks. That's -45 yards of Total Offense. It would be more excusable if he had 45 yards worth of sacks in that same time period (when in fact, he has.. 0.)
5 - Feely. Tynes. I've had a headache the last three years. I make myself cringe when I start to think what a Good Idea it would be to Janikowski the 2007 Draft. (I don't think Oakland regrets it?)
11 October 2007 ¬
" Joey "
Just for a laugh, I decided to look into the last time the Giants D faced off against Joey Harrington. It was back in 2004, coming off a bye (our idiosyncratic recipe for disaster.) Harrington was 18 for 22, with 2 TD, 0 picks, and 0 sacks (for what it's worth, a QB rating of 140.5.) A rare gem for Harrington in a Lions uniform, of course, at the Giants expense.

Atlanta could play big at home on Monday Night, but the Giants are easily the more talented team. 2004 aside (and despite the recurrent struggles of the secondary), I'd love to shut down Dunn and Norwood and let Harrington try to beat New York with his arm. Hook 'em, Aaron Ross!
06 October 2007 ¬
" This is a stroll through the park. "

On a completely unrelated note, the Giants play a "home" game against the Jets tomorrow afternoon.