the new york football giants
29 January 2008 ¬
" Is it our time? "

The above picture was snapped in the waning moments of New York's 12 point lead over New England in the final game of the regular season, from my vantage point up in the cheap seats (then again, in a game like that, there are no cheap seats.)

It's funny how these things turn out - a two score 3rd quarter lead turned into a 3 point loss. Meanwhile, the Giants trailed all three of their road playoff opponents (Tampa, Dallas, Green Bay) before coming away with unprecedented road victories. And now, the team that gave up 80 points in consecutive losses to open the season is going to the Super Bowl.

My excitement is tempered by past experience. We trounced Minnesota 225-0 to get to the Big Game with all the momentum in the world back in 2001, only to be blown out ourselves. And then there was the 49ers debacle back in 2003.. and you know how that turned out. Carolina in 2005. Philadelphia in 2006.

The Giants can beat the Patriots. It's undeniable. They put up more points against New England than any other team since the Colts bumped the Pats from the playoffs last season. Kevin Boss, Steve Smith, and Ahmad Bradshaw have all emerged as rookie playmakers and go-to guys in the offense. The secondary is finally healthy. Eli is finally a Manning.

I think the line is a joke. The Pats were installed as almost two touchdown favorites, and if I had any disposable cash lying around, I'd put a small mint on New York beating the spread (if not beating New England outright.) On a similar note, statistician, odds guru, and football aficionado Paul Zimmerman (of Sports Illustrated) is picking New York to win (even if it is, in part, for the purposes of settling an old score.)

So, I apologize for my absence during this historic run. But I promise, I've been there every step of the way.